Map of the routes taken by the first four Crusades


Listen to this interview with Professor Norman Housley on the Crusades.

Podcast of Professor Loud (Leeds) talking about the Battle of Hattin available here

Podcast of Professor Loud (Leeds) talking about the Second Crusade available here

The Historical Association site for the unit on the Crusades by Professor Riley-Smith, Professor Jonathan Phillips and Dr Asbridge here

Lecture by J Phillips on Saladin 2012 (downloadable) Saladin lecture

Podcast on Bohemond available here Bohemond

Podcast on Alexios Komnenos available here Alexios Komnenos


Short extract from American documentary. The first part explains both the Peace of God and the Truce of God. It then explains the response to the crusades in terms of the reaction of knights. Second part mentions some of the benefits of the crusades.

First part of the History Channel programme on The Cross and the Crescent

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Second part of the History Channel programme on The Cross and the Crescent here

The first part of the Terry Jones series on the Crusades is here but you will need to sign up and download the media player from the site. The second and third programmes are also available.

Channel 4 documentary (Back from the Dead:Crusaders, 2011) on skeletons found at Jacob's Ford here

Documentary on the Third Crusade focusing on Richard I and Saladin:-

Dramatised programme on Richard The Lionheart in 4 sections

Second part

Third part

Fourth part

Timewatch programme on the lost crusader castle of Jacob's Ford available in 5 sections: Timewatch:Jacob's Ford

Dr Thomas Asbridges's BBC series (2011) on the Crusades:-

TV documentary on the Templars and the city of Tortosa which was attacked in 1188 here

Video to help you remember the crusades!here

Texts and Powerpoints

A lengthy Powerpoint summarising the first four crusades (use for initial revision)

Powerpoint revision for key ideas on First-Third Crusades

Interactive map for the crusades

Carole Hillenbrand's book on Islamic perspectives

Chapter from A Level textbook on the background in Western Europe and the Byzantine Empire to the First Crusade here

Article on Urban's motives for preaching the First Crusade here

Various articles on crusades subjects can be found here

Important overviews on all the crusades and the Latin states here

Crusading historiography database showing how academics are linked and how this has influenced their work database

Exam Papers

Find past AQA GCE exam papers here